The Hotel

A charming hotel located in the historic heart of Chascomús.

Our Historia

This house belonged to a traditional family of Chascomús. Built almost 100 years ago as a result of growth that brought to the city railway (1865-1890) originally was part of a set with another even older main house and had a passing carriages and stables.

At the end of 2007 we begun recycling it to new without losing the charm of the old. Looking for an attractive fusion of the old traditional building with modern comfort, a heated pool for the use of our guests was added. In April 2010 we started operating as a small hotel, with the proposal to provide a wonderful balance between the pleasure of feeling at home and the unique feeling of visiting a new and comfortable place with a careful, warm and personalized attention.

The Roble Blanco Hotel, is located in the historic heart of Chascomús with an important cobblestones boulevard in front, surrounded by historic homes, antique street lamps and old urban trees, we offer a unique warm atmosphere just 150 meters from the shopping center Libres del Sur. From there you can easily reach the lagoon, as well as visit the Old Town and visit the most traditional places that define our city and the spirit of its people.

By our friendly actions with the environment and people, in 2012 the Ministry of Tourism of the Province of Buenos Aires, along with OPDS (Provincial Body for Sustainable Development) has recognizes us as a Sustainable tourist accommodation and in 2014 the program of Sustainable Hospitality from Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero certifies us with the Eco-label Hoteles + Verdes.


City of good treatment and friendship, located just 115 km from Buenos Aires on Highway 2. Renowned for its history, lagoon and silversides, provides an opportunity to encounter nature, green, sun and fresh air; and a varied architecture of old houses, narrow cobbled streets. A lively and at the same time peaceful place that invites you to rest.

Our People

People committed to customer service to make your stay a pleasant and comfortable experience.





Si desea reservar directamente envíe un correo a consultas@robleblanco.com.ar o contáctenos telefónicamente.